Venture firms bet big on VisitPay leadership

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In today’s changing healthcare economy, VisitPay is the only platform for Patient Financial Health proven to drive yield.
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Developed from a unique consumer finance perspective, VisitPay improves financial health for patients and providers by giving consumers a remarkably easy solution for paying or financing their medical bills, while arming health systems with powerful technology and analytics to drive sustainable economic outcomes.

Leading US healthcare organizations with $30bn in total revenue are using VisitPay technology. And, after securing significant funding from a leading Silicon Valley venture capital company as well as a strategic healthcare fund investing on behalf of thirteen leading non-profit health systems, VisitPay is ready for deployment nationwide. Its cloud based platform can be implemented with risk-sharing models in as little as ten weeks.


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Intermountain Healthcare is adding 3,500 new VisitPay users per month.
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