The new healthcare economy is here. And succeeding in this new economy requires a shift in the financial relationship between health systems and patients.

VisitPay helps you make that shift by giving you the power to manage your financial relationships better than a bank — so you can focus on what you do best: providing exceptional patient care.

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Now you can easily manage the patient financial relationship better than a bank.

Hospital margins are disappearing. And as patients become responsible for a larger portion of their bills, it’s only going to get worse. We call it the Self-Pay Gap.

Bridging this gap requires solutions beyond online bill pay, digital statements, patient portals and basic payment plans.

VisitPay is the first and only patient business system that empowers you to manage relationships better than a bank to increase patient payments, drive yield, and significantly improve patient satisfaction. It’s comprehensive. It’s easy to integrate into your current billing systems. And it’s all online, so it’s remarkably efficient for everyone.

Finally, a solution you and your patients can bank on.
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bridging the self-pay gap
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Easy solution. Huge results.

VisitPay is the first and only patient business system that equips health systems with the tools to effectively manage the fastest growing part of their business.

VisitPay clients:

Increased patient payments by over 70%
Increased patient satisfaction by 90%
Increased patient servicing efficiency 5x

The VisitPay Patient Business System

A complete solution that enables you to manage your financial relationships better than a bank. See A Live Demo

  • Patients can quickly see a history of all charges, adjustments and payments.
  • Patients can easily pay on the spot, or create a custom finance plan that fits within their budget.
  • Medical expenses for the entire family can be effortlessly managed in one place online.
  • Patients get one convenient billing experience across all of your billing systems, creating less work and confusion.
  • Your brand stays front and center.
  • A simple, elegant design encourages patients to manage their own accounts online.
  • Rather than simply present a bill, VisitPay issues a clear and fully compliant statement using powerful logic perfected in the consumer finance industry.
  • You’re in control. You now have the power to set and then fully automate the delivery of your patient billing policies.
  • Now you can adjust offers for each patient, including prompt payment discounts, financing plan limits, APRs, loan lengths and beyond.
  • Manage the entire patient pay experience, including taking actions on a user’s behalf, creating daily action items, responding to customer inquiries, and so much more.
  • Create a “you know me” experience for your patients by allowing VisitPay to automatically deliver payment options and offers that are tailored to each consumer.
  • Adjusting your credit risk management financing policy is easier than ever thanks to full automation.
  • Better manage daily operations by providing your patient customers and authorized providers with a series of action items and reports.
  • Your existing payor and traditional account servicing processes remain untouched and uninterrupted.
  • Take the pressure off. You can allow your patients to determine a monthly payment amount that makes sense for everyone.
  • Easily tailor your credit options by group or by patient.
  • You define the payment boundaries — including interest rates, plan durations, discounts and other choices. Then VisitPay delivers these automatically.
  • A variety of variables, including insightful Propensity-to-Pay scores, are available to help you establish a smart credit risk management policy.
  • Easily gives your patients flexibility to pay over time while giving you peace of mind.
  • VisitPay finance plans are designed to amortize in a very patient-friendly way.
  • Payments occur automatically each month at the direction of the patient, making it really easy.


patient obligation percentagespatient obligation percentages

As patient obligation increases,
hospital margins are at risk.

  • Patients are increasingly responsible for their medical bills – and this growth isn’t likely to slow anytime soon.
  • Since the patient portion of a healthcare visit is billed after insurance is billed, healthcare providers are becoming the largest consumer creditors in the markets they serve — only they don’t have the tools to properly manage this massive business.
  • Providers have historically received only a fraction of what they’re owed. As patient obligation increases, this problem will only get worse.
  • Rising patient bills will also require providers to offer more intensive customer support to help consumers navigate the new healthcare economy.
  • 21st century healthcare providers must move beyond basic services like offering recurring payments, simple online bill pay, paper statements, and traditional dialer campaigns. They’re simply not enough.

It’s not enough to save a little money.
To succeed, you need to increase yield.

And that requires a different approach.

Learn more about the changing healthcare economy and how the Self-Pay Gap will impact your health system.

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We designed VisitPay in partnership with several marquee health systems in order to create a different experience — one that is fully rooted in healthcare, AND BACKED BY decades Of consumer lending experience.

Intermountain Healthcare
MultiCare - BetterConnected
St Luke's
“VisitPay makes it super easy for patients to manage their entire family’s bill online. VisitPay’s ease for patients to pay their bills has significantly increased our collection rates. Most importantly, our patients love it and prefer to be seen by providers that offer the VisitPay experience.”
“The VisitPay scoring products are highly accurate and they are easy to feed into Epic to make customer-centric strategies come alive. By knowing who will pay and who cannot pay, we’ve considerably cut our operating costs while increasing patient satisfaction. Everybody wins!
Sheri Beekman, Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management, MultiCare (WA)

Easy to Implement. Easy to Manage.
Certified PCI Compliant.

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  • Save time and money spent on traditional, manually intensive workflows.
  • Reduce administrative resources devoted to collecting and processing patient revenue.
  • No IT support burden. Once it’s set up, VisitPay does not require constant management from your IT team. We monitor and manage the system to your specifications.
  • Bills are easy to understand so there are fewer questions. When questions do come up, patients can ask electronically via the secure e-resolution center.
  • Patients automatically receive a variety of electronic notifications by email, customized to match each client’s policies as they relate to today’s healthcare environment.
  • VisitPay requires few health system resources to implement. We do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Developed while working closely with hospitals, VisitPay is a more powerful solution that is fully integrated — not another bolt-on.
  • The VisitPay team includes patient accounting system experts who are skilled in managing software applications and data. So you get an integrated platform that can be implemented quickly.
  • VisitPay can integrate with multiple patient accounting systems simultaneously, creating one patient experience for your consumers.